respond-with-love 6

Recently, Unity Spiritual Center of Central Minnesota introduced a Respond With Love sticker campaign. The campaign invites everyone to “respond with love” in whatever situations or conversations they may find themselves in. The stickers serve as simple and beautiful reminder that peace in our homes, communities and around the world begins with each of us.

Since the campaign was initiated in August, the stickers have been purchased and shared with friends and family members throughout the country. Many people have discovered the message extends far beyond their car’s bumper! Here are some additional places the stickers could be used:

  • Refrigerators—a perfect way to send love to yourself and others throughout the day
  • Mirrors—your reflection is even more beautiful surrounded by love
  • School books—spread the message at school
  • Windows—spread the message to neighbors
  • Office doors and filing cabinets—spread the message at work
  • Laptop covers/cases and computer monitors—add love to your digital doings
  • Briefcases and suitcases—take your message of love on the road
  • Instrument cases—spreading love puts a song in your heart
  • Car visors—keep the sun out and the love in
  • Strollers—surround your munchkins with love
  • The backs of lawn chairs—take love with you wherever you go

Spread the love!