Weekly Email January 23, 2016

Hello dear Unity friends,

Happy Saturday.  Wow, as we were driving back from the cities last night, the moon-light was so beautiful on the snow covered country.  I do love living here!

Please hold Monique Waters and her family in your prayers, as her mother made her transition this past weekend.  The funeral is scheduled for Thursday in the cities.

The front door key-box code is changing tomorrow, so “reply” or get the new code from me.

This Sunday is going to be very fun.  During our Celebration Service, we will be installing new members into Unity, which is one of my favorite things to do.

Immediately after our service, we will be holding our USC Annual Meeting.   We will be celebrating our accomplishments from 2015, visioning for 2016, and electing new board members.  We would love for all congregants to attend.  After the meeting, following tradition, we have a group reservation at Drakes Fine Food and Spirits in Sartell for their “all you can eat” breakfast.

Please go to our website (www.UnitySpiritualCenterCM.org) and click on the link, on the front page, and register a time slot to have your (your family’s) picture taken for our new directory.  Lifetouch will be at our center on Friday, February 5th, and Saturday, the 6th.  I’m seeing all your smiling faces in our new directory.  We can also help you to sign up this Sunday.

Wanda and I will be facilitating a new “12 Powers” class on 6 Sundays, starting January 31st, at noon.  Please sign up in the foyer.  More information below. 

January 31st is “Beach Sunday” and we will be holding a luau pot-luck and “spam cook-off.”  So pull out those flip-flops and shorts and I’ll turn the heat up just a bit higher than usual.  Bring your favorite spam recipe or another dish to share.

We are seeking a small group of volunteers to energize, update, stock and staff our Gift/Book Store.   We are seeking volunteers to join the Building Cleaning Team so members can have a once every two months rotation.  While I’m thinking of it, we also could use some more volunteers to clear our sidewalk of snow.  Please sign up in the foyer or “reply” if any of these opportunities are of interest to you.

If you are interested in becoming a Unity Chaplain, there is going to be a weekend training March 3rd & 4th. Please “reply” or talk to Kathy Horner-Carlson or Terrie Wagner (our chaplains) if you are interested.

There is a sign-up sheet in the foyer (or call the office) for those interested in Prosperity Plus II. I will be calling those signed up this week so we can pick the perfect day and time.

Be sure and turn in your “volunteer hours” sheets in the box in the foyer.

We are forming a “Raffle Committee” for 2016 and you can sign up in the foyer to be part of that committee.

Have a fabulous weekend and I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

Love and abundant blessings,


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