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Healing and Wholeness
Wednesdays, September 24-October 22
7-9 pm

Working with Myrtle and Charles Fillmore’s interpretation of how Jesus used and demonstrated spiritual laws and universal principles in his own life, it is hoped and expected that participants will be inspired to also become heart centered meta-physicians and to develop a “tool kit” for using healing principles in their
daily lives and in supporting other people in their own healing process.
This course is based in the spiritual laws and universal principles that support the expression of health and wholeness in our minds, bodies and affairs.
The three major topics covered are:

  • The Source of Healing,
  • The Consciousness of Healing
  • The Practice of Healing.
  • The books for the Healing and Wholeness, Part I are:
  • Jesus Christ Heals, Charles Fillmore
  • Christian Healing, Charles
  • Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters, by Myrtle
  • How to Let God Help You, by Myrtle

It sounds like a lot but Amazon sells them very reasonable and all of them are free online on “New Thought Library.org” and Truth Unity.net and many other sources if you google: “free Charles and Myrtle Fillmore e-books”. Also, for those want to be LUT’s, they are classics to have in your libraries.

prosperity plus cover

Prosperity Plus
by Rev. Barbara Winter Martin
Begins Thursday, October, 9th – 7 pm

•    Are you ready for a life of more FULFILLMENT, FREEDOM, and FUN?
•    Would you like to eliminate any struggle with money, once and for all?
•    Does a life of unlimited wealth appeal to you?
If you answered YES to any of these, then you’re ready for:
PROSPERITY PLUS … A 10-Week Experiment In More Abundant Living
(A “virtual” video-based class with globally renowned spiritual teacher Mary Morrissey)
Here’s some reasons you’ll love this program:
•    Learn a proven method to unlock new financial energy and resources!
•    Attract more abundance in every area of your life, effortlessly!
•    Uncover your hidden assets and create your dream life!
This course will ignite your potential and give you a map for living your best life now.


Experience Unity Retreat
Facilitated by Erin and Jane
Begins Friday Evening, October 10th

Come to our Center among the Oaks to prepare more fully for the Going-Within-Time. Join us as we share extended Time and Space learning and living together in Unity!

The purpose of this retreat is to experience uninterrupted time in Sacred Community. We will be staying together in our Center for two nights and a day, hoping to minimize any comings and goings that disrupt the flow of Energy.

When: Early Friday evening October 10th through early Sunday morning October 12th. Erin and Jane will open the Center at 5:30 PM. Sacred Circle will begin at 7:00 PM.

Where: Unity Spiritual Center

Love Offering: $30.00 Please prepay to Unity at the office by September 28th
What we will experience during our time together: Sacred Circle, teachings on the Sacred Garden offered by Ginny P, Labyrinth teachings offered by Becky T, Healing, Drumming Circles, Ceremonies with Jane and Erin, the Natural beauty of our outdoor surroundings, Communal eating and laughing and Being!

What to bring:

  • Food to share: we’ll be eating together snacks Friday night, 2 light breakfasts, a lunch and dinner.
  • You’ll choose a place to sleep in the Center, so bring mattresses, sleeping bags, toiletries, etc. to keep you comfortable
  • Drums
  • Sacred items (one to place on the communal altar)

Sunday morning: We will need to be packed up and have the Center cleaned up in time for the Sunday service.
As it will be difficult for us to part company after our retreat, it would be fun for us, The Unshowered Ones, to sit together during the Service, yes

Weekly Ongoing Events

Wonderful Wednesdays
Wednesday Evenings, 7:00 PM |
All Are Welcome.

We have expanded our services to include a “Wonderful Wednesdays Celebration Service,” at 7 pm. This service is similar to our Sunday Celebration Service. There were two main reasons for the expansion. One, our sanctuary is becoming fabulously full on Sundays. Two, we are providing an opportunity for those who find it difficult to attend on Sundays. Children’s Sunday School and Child Care will continue on Sundays only for the time being.

Ginny Putxke, Director of our Healing Ministry, joins Rev. Barbara, on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, to facilitate special Wednesday Healing/Celebration.

AA-logoAA and Al-Anon
Wednesday Evenings, 6 – 7 PM |
All Are Welcome.

AA and Al-Anon have begun holding meetings in our building, on Wednesdays from 6-7 pm.


A Course In Miracles Group

Facilitated by Ginny Putzke
Thursdays at 7:00 PM

Love offerings accepted

Welcome to A Course In Miracles! It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual journey or how far you are in the Course, so join us for an invigorating interactive conversation. Deepen your understanding of the principles of ACIM.

Join our Unity Spiritual Center of Central Minnesota study group each Thursday at 7 pm. No book required. You are welcome to just sit, observe, absorb, or participate. We provide a completely safe and all inclusive environment. Learning is encouraged however way is best for you.

All Are Welcome.

Monthly Ongoing Events

Potluck/Friendship Sunday

Schedule varies
Starts immediately after Sunday Service

Our Potluck/Friendship Sundays are perfect days to invite friends to visit. We will be sure and make them feel welcomed. We will be sharing pot luck meals after our Celebration Services. Bring a dish to share and your appetite!

4th Sunday of the Month Visioning
Led by Kathy Anthony, RScP

9:00 AM – Love offerings accepted

Join Kathy Anthony RScP, at 9 am, on the 4th Sunday of each month, as we learn about and use visioning to tap into the Universal Mind and create our perfect life.